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Ojai, Calif.-based Atiswinic Press specializes in the publication of nature and family books. Founded in 2011, the company's name comes from the Chumash word that translates literally as "dreamer" or "having a dream." The Chumash were the first human inhabitants of Ojai (the city's name also comes from the Chumash language) - and the company's owner always has dreamed of living in Ojai and writing/publishing books that he enjoyed most. The company and its location are the fulfillment of his dream or vision. The Hikes with Tykes series marks the press' first publications. Several more family-oriented nature books are planned for release in the months ahead. Atiswinic Press currently is not accepting submissions or pitches for book ideas.  

Ojai, Calif.

Our catalog:
7 Minutes a Day guidebooks
Headin' to the Cabin guidebooks
Hikes with Tykes guidebooks
Hittin' the Trail guidebooks
Love Letters to Sophie's Mom
Windmill: A Novel
Writing Affirmations

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