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Hikes with Tykes: A Practical Guide to Day Hiking with Kids – Comprehensive and conversational, this book combines hiking parents' experiences, step-by-step how-to's, and practical guidelines to help you plan the perfect day hike with your children. Topics include: finding the best trail for you and your children; choosing the right footwear, backpacks and other gear for kids; using navigational tools from maps and compasses to GPS so no one gets lost; keeping kids from misbehaving by engaging in dozens of activities; and treating trail injuries from blisters to broken bones. Packed with tips from parents who learned how to hike with kids by trial and error, this volume is the only user-friendly guidebook that covers all you need to know about dayhiking with children. Read sample pages.
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Hikes with Tykes: Games and Activities Listing more than 100 diversions, this volume provides anyone taking kids on a day hike with loads of tried and true amusements to keep children from getting unruly or bored. Topics include: activities to get kids excited about a day hike; crafts in which kids make their own hiking gear; recipes for healthy snacks on the trail; games that will help kids better understand and appreciate nature; and post-hike activities to keep kids excited about the sport. Culled from the experiences of fellow outdoor-minded parents, this book is the most comprehensive collection of diversions available, with something for every age group and childhood interest. Thisbook reached No. 50 on Amazon.com's bestseller list for ebooks in Hiking & Camping > Excursion Guides on April 23, 2014.  Read sample pages.
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