Headin' to the Cabin

Headin' to the Cabin
Day hiking guidebooks for Up North.

Ah, “headin’ to the cabin” – those few words alone are enough to conjure images of a relaxing weekend by the lake, of a pleasant stroll through the woods or along a beach, of a place where one’s cell phone hopefully doesn’t work. Whether you own a cottage that you visit on weekends or rent one for a week-long vacation, “headin’ to the cabin” is more than a time-honored tradition among Midwesterners. Simply put, it’s part of who we are.
And what better way to experience all that “up north” has to offer than through a day hike?

The Headin' to the Cabin series acts as your own personal guide to the hundreds of trails across northern Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The series focuses on trails close to the communities where cabin-goers frequently stay. The trails are short enough that you can spend just a couple of hours on them, so you can enjoy a leisurely day with plenty of time to do other stuff – or even sleep in the day you plan to hike!

The series' first book, Headin' to the Cabin: Day Hiking Trails of Northwestern Wisconsin, is an indispensable guide to anyone who owns or rents a cabin on or near the St. Croix River, Lake Superior and all points inbetween. The series' second book, Headin' to the Cabin: Day Hiking Trails of Northeastern Minnesota, covers the North Shore, Arrowhead and St. Croix river area.

Other titles are forthcoming.

Headin' to the Cabin author Rob Bignell is an avid hiker, long-time editor, and former infantry grunt who’s been taking his son on day hikes for more than five years. Together they’ve scaled summits almost two miles high, crossed America’s driest deserts, and walked beneath trees soaring 15 stories over their heads. Now he shares his hiking experiences with you to ensure you and your family enjoy the perfect day hike.


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