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As a former journalist and newspaper editor, I know how hectic your schedule can get. To make your job easier, I’ve provided answers to common interview questions, samples from the books, and additional photos that you may use as needed to write an article. I am, of course, always available for personal interviews.

Looking for a unique story idea about the book or hiking? Here are some ideas:

  • Book review of “Hikes with Tykes”
  • Best advice to follow when hiking with children
  • Need for children to experience nature (such as by hiking)
  • What to look for when buying hiking gear for children
  • What gear to take when you and your child day hike
  • Best tips for teaching your kids to appreciate nature
  • Great day hiking trails in your community
  • Best tips for teaching your kids to enjoy hiking

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Several fine fine establishments are hosting Rob for hiking-related book readings/signings this summer:
n Chapter 2 Bookstore (April 16 and May 14, 2015, Hudson, Wis.)
n Belwin Conservatory (May 2, 2015, Afton, Minn.)

Several establishments hosted a book reading or meet-the-author session:
n MuskieFest (June 19-22, 2014, Hayward, Wis.) 
n Chapter 2 Bookstore (April 2014, Hudson, Wis.)
n Valley Bookseller (Aoril 2014, Stillwater, Minn.)

n Interview with 2 Wisconsin Writers (Oct. 15, 2013, Oxford, Wis.)
n Book reading at Bookends on Main (June 6, 2013, Menomonie, Wis.)
n Book reading at Chapter 2 Bookstore (June 8, 2013, Hudson, Wis.)
n Book reading at Valley Bookseller (June 15, 2013, Stillwater, Minn.)
n Meet-the-author at Idlewild Outfitters (June 22, 2013, Cumberland, Wis.)
n Meet-the-author at the Cabin Coffee Shop (June 29, 2013, Amery, Wis.)
n Northwind Book and Fiber Book Fair (July 6, 2013, Spooner, Wis.)
n Book reading at Rice Lake Public Library (July 27, 2013, Rice Lake, Wis.)
n Meet-the-author at In a New Light Gallery (Aug. 2, 2013, Siren, Wis.)
n Book reading at The Bookstore at Fitger's (Aug. 3, 2013, Duluth, Minn.)
n City of Lakes Book Fair (Aug. 10, 2013, Chetek, Wis.)
n Meet the Author at Redbery Books (Sept. 29, 2013, Cable, Wis.)

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